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This Match ball is suitable for Teen & Young Adult and Adults. Perfect for Advanced Club, College, Semi-pro and Pro Players who need a Training & Match ball all-in-one to Improve and maintain their footwork, ball-handling, ball-mastery, dibbling, turning, passing & receiving, shooting skills, and more. Suitable for Practices, Clinics, Camps & Games. This ball can be used either in Grass & Turf and on Dry & Wet surfaces.

Our Duga Size-5 ball not only features an eye-catching and unique design, but its main purpose is to enhance a High-Visibility & Easy-to-Track during play.

32 panels Thermo-Bonded together with especially develop glue (No Stitches), 1.2mm Premium PU with texture surface. 4.0mm modified EVA foam for softness and rebound. Polyester viscose-based lining for PU reinforcement. Bladder reinforcement for increased shape retention. Double sheet Butyl Bladder with enhanced air retention for optimal performance.

FIFA Basic Performance and REACH specs. Soft touch Premium PU textured surface laminated on 4-way stretchable backing. Thermo-Bounded construction with developed sphericity and panel leveling. Solid but smooth and soft impact, even at high pressure and low temperature condition. Playability & High-Quality aging resistant materials with proved durability, accurate bounce control & Reliable glide and trajectory. Water resistant and excellent playability in any weather condition.

To ensure transportation safety and preserve the Thermo-Bounded construction, the ball ships partially inflated – full inflation is required (pump not included). Each ball ships in a protector bag with Instructions of how to inflate.

The following graphic shows the recommended universal size ball per age. However, depending on the Player’s Heigh, Playing Level and Skill Level; at Elite Soccer PK we recommend using Size-4 for ages 7 and up and Size-5 for ages 10 and up. For the most cases, practicing with a size up ball would help development and stand out more during games.


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