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About Our Training

Depends on the player’s skills, level or goals, our private sessions can be fun or demanding but they are always strict and challenging at the same time.

Typically our players come once a week for 90 minutes to learn the basics and fundamentals of soccer the right way, polish their skills, eliminate any bad habits, elevate their confidence, get ready for try-outs, etc.

We create a development plan that gradually gives each player the opportunity to develop their skills, values and to grow their game by touching all the aspects of the game, helping them to reach their true and highest potential. To see results, Personal Training is a long term process which includes:
    • Responsibility & Accountability
    • Values & Respect
    • Passing & Receiving
    • Dribbling & Juggling
    • Shooting
    • Positioning & Body language
    • Mobility & Anticipation
    • Decision Making
    • Attacking & Defending
    • Confidence & Leadership

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