How are the clinics designed/what to expect?

Our main goal and purpose is Player development. For that reason, this is not your typical Soccer Clinic where you only go to play around and walk away with just the fun, but to actually learn the basics and fundamental of the sport and a set of essential values while your child is having fun.

It depends of the number of participants we divide all players into 3 or 4 different groups based on skill level and performance (not by age necessarily), so everyone has the opportunity to reach their true and highest potential.
We keep our coach-player ratio to a max of 10 child’s per head coach, so the participants have the opportunity to develop their skills, values and to grow their game by touching all the aspects of the game.

The program is designed to have different topics each week and it gradually builds week after week. Hence, since it gets more challenging; we have the right to either downgrade/upgrade any player that is preforming poorly (because the skill practice is to advanced and needs to refresh some basic skills) or because the player has developed faster than their teammates and needs to be moved up to the next level to keep his/her development.

We touch the 4 pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological divided in 3 sections which are:

  • Warm up, Footwork & Ball control, Agility & Coordination with/without ball
  • Skill Drills & Game Scenario situations. Each week a different topic which builds up to the following week.
  • Scrimmage at the end to implement what was learned during the practice session

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