Birthday Party Terms & Conditions - Codes of Conduct


The parents’ role is one of support to the players and coaches. Parents should not engage in “coaching” from the sidelines,
criticizing players, coaches or game ocials, or trying to inuence the makeup of the team at any time. Every parent and spectator are expected to:

1. Learn and respect the rules of soccer and the rules of the Elite Soccer PK. Must agree with Elite Soccer PK’s philosophy and understand that our main goal is to develop players in a team environment, in order to reach their full potential. Soccer is a teamwork sport where the team goes rst and before any player, parent or coach. Because every player has a dierent development margin of progression, Elite Soccer PK’s coaches have the right to divide and placed them in groups by skill level.

2. Show respect and courtesy to game ocials, coaches and players from both teams at all times and refrain from questioning their decisions or from addressing them in a loud, disrespectful or abusive manner.

3. Soccer is fun but like any other sport, it can be frustrating. Sometimes parents push their child to do something they do not want to and this could lead to frustration; particularly when do not produce the desired results. Do not release your anger and personal frustration toward the coaches; they are not your enemies. Your role as a parent is to be supportive with your child, not tell the coach how to run a practice, game dynamics or in what position your child should play. Child will play where is the best for the team and for their individual development.

4. Cheer for your child’s team in a positive manner, refraining at all times from making negative or abusive remarks about your own or opposing team; respecting players, coaches, parents and spectators. Maintain control of your emotions and avoid actions, language and/or gestures that may be interpreted as hostile and humiliating.

5. Ensure that your child is at all games and practices at the required time or provide the coach with an appropriate excuse beforehand.

6. Do not leave your child alone at practices. If you cannot stay at a practice, permission must be given by the coach to leave your child there only during scheduled practice times. You must be on time to pick your child up after practice. Failure to do so will result in an extra fee or even your child being released from the program with no refunds.

7. Demonstrate appropriate gestures of sportsmanship at the conclusion of a game, win or lose.

8. Teach and practice good sportsmanship and fair play by personally demonstrating commitment to these virtues.

9. Promote the concept that soccer is merely a game, and that players, parents and coaches on the other teams are opponents, not enemies.

10. Understand coaches can do much and parents are responsible to encourage their child practice on their own their juggles and footwork exercises. We recommend to get private lessons and extra group practices like clinics and camps.

11. Understand that all programs including 1on1 Sessions, Clinics, Camps, Team Practices, Birthday Parties, or any other program oered by Elite Soccer PK are designed and supervised by Coach Christian and an Elite Soccer PK ‘s coach will be running them.

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