What do I need to bring to Practice?

Please bring the mandatory PK Training T-Shirt and the mandatory inflated soccer ball

* Return players can use the T-Shirt from previous programs or purchase a new one from us.

* New Players must purchase the Training t-Shirt in order to participate.

* You can bring your own soccer ball or purchase a quality PK Ball from us. Depending of how big/tall the player is, we recommend a Size-4 ball for ages 5 to 9 & Size 5 Ball for ages 10+

In addition, bring comfortable soccer attire: Soccer shorts and socks, plenty of water and a snack such a piece of fruit or a protein bar. A clean t-shirt and sandals are recommended for after practice. Depending of the weather please take into consideration to bring sunscreen, hat, sweater, beanie, etc. During practice shin-guards are not required, but highly recommended during the scrimmage at the end of practice.

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