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Qualities of a Team captain

What Does It Take To Be A Team Captain in Soccer? A game of soccer consists of one group of individuals trying to out-score another group. Any standard game of 22 players involves nearly 22 different individual ambitions, personalities and characters. But, when on the pitch, each team plays with one goal in mind. Making sure a team is focused...
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Professional Soccer Player Sacrifices

The Sacrifices to Become a Professional Soccer Player After watching a group of young soccer players at a park or playground for a few minutes, you will be able to point at the technically superior players. You would have a reason to suggest that such players could become “really good”. If you observe same set of players on another day,...
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Preparing for Youth Soccer Tryouts

For many players, coaches and parents, the soccer tryout is an event which is highly dreaded and one that would be readily avoided if the option to do so was presented. It is that time of the year that might as well come with a public service announcement discouraging players from the sport. Competence is questioned, and little details are...
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Is Soccer the Right Sport for Your Child

How to Know If Soccer Is The Right Sport For Your Child Performing regular physical activity becomes a necessary part of a child’s development especially as they get to ages 6 and 7. They are able to communicate verbally, run and apply significant reasoning when making decisions. If they have been exposed to sports by watching on television or attending...
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Importance of the Warm Up in Sports to prevent injuries

How Warm-ups in Games and Practice Keep Players Injury Free At any level, having fun and winning are two of the ultimate joys that come with playing soccer. But every young child’s desire to play the game is followed by a move to make your body available to the stress, strains and pain that also come with it. As soccer...
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Importance of learning different positions

Why Learning Different Positions Is Important At Youth Level Most professional soccer players play in particular positions for most of their careers. However, a sizeable minority have, for various reasons, had to change positions over time, sometimes more than once. This would not be possible if those players did not develop as youngsters to be versatile and adaptable. Being able...
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