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Why European Youth Players Are Ahead of America in Soccer

There are many reasons to be impressed by the growth of soccer in the US. A poll by Gallup found that 7% of Americans now cite soccer as their favorite sport. Its popularity now matches that of baseball in so much that while other sports seem to be falling out of favor, soccer has attained its highest fondness with the...
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Tips on How to Head a Soccer Ball

There are many advantages to knowing how to properly head a soccer ball. Attackers can score goals, defenders can make clearances and it even comes in handy for goalkeepers in some situations. Heading a ball well is quite different from being hit with a ball. Where the latter can be counter-productive, possibly resulting in a concussion, the former is a...
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The Right Soccer Ball for Your Child

When it comes to playing soccer whether recreationally or otherwise, selection of the right ball for your child is a fundamental component of the quality of the experience to be had, and therefore should not be overlooked. In the same way in which particular care and attention is given to acquiring the right shoes and other essentials necessary for play,...
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The Importance of Hydration in Soccer

Playing soccer involves actively engaging nearly all of one’s body parts in physical activity. From running to jumping, shooting and heading a ball, soccer, like many other sports, require a healthy body. One of the most important aspects of maintaining good health and a fit body for soccer is hydration. Hydration is the level of water that is available in...
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The Importance of Healthy Eating In Soccer

After a typical game of soccer, you may find yourself gasping for air, exhausted and weak. Soccer, like many sports involves regular motion, is energy intensive and requires a healthy body to function. To attain the right body, size and shape required for optimum performance, aspiring and professional soccer players follow regimens that enable them to eat regularly and healthily....
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What is the Biggest Problem with Youth Soccer in the US?

Youth soccer in America seems to be at an all-time low. Much is being said about the causes of the stagnation, with attention rising significantly thanks to the failure of the US Men’s National Team to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. From the highs of soccer’s soaring popularity in the US over three decades, young players...
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