General Manager ANEFF


What did we learn with this certification?

The General Manager of an institution runs the day-to-day team and training operations. The position is responsible for managing all aspects of team formation, coach recruitment and management, and team training and development. The position is also responsible for overseeing execution of all Club programs and events. This position serves as a liaison between the Club and team/players and pertinent external entities and ensures that the Club is operating by its bylaws. The position supports the Club’s Directors and Board of Directors and acts as an adviser to the Executive Committee. Here are some of the General Manager’s responsibilities:


  • Leading the institution’s search and scout of possible players and the hiring process by keeping a database.
  • Responsible for creating a database with player profiles for each position on the field based on the style of play, team tactical principles, and key qualities
  • Scouting, evaluating and monitoring players coming up and ensuring that the best talent is identified and cultivated “New Talent”
  • Creating an environment’s plan of a minimum of 3 years to lead the professional team as well the lower divisions and academy to succeed.
  • Ensuring a style of play, team tactical principles, and Key Qualities are being implemented within the institution.
  • Communicating and working with the sport development departments to drive
    technical alignment and integration, including coaching education, player
    development, high performance, talent identification and youth teams.
  • Handling the media, social environment and consolidating the group process.
  • Working with the Head Coach to create positional depth charts based on the player profile, accounting for player’s current and potential ability to compete at the highest levels


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