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Christian Marin Diaz was born and raised in Spain and has been passionate about the sport of soccer since he was five years old. He always played at the highest level of Spain’s youth development program, winning multiple important tournaments and personal awards. At the age of 14, the European professional soccer club of Malaga C.F. recruited Christian. He played for Malaga C.F. for four years prior to immigrating to the United States where he received a full scholarship to California Baptist

After a few years as Head Coach of multiple Soccer Clubs in the inland Empire area, Coach Christian had decided to focus more in what he is passionate about; People and Soccer Player development.

Since he created Elite Soccer Personal Training in 2007, Christian has dedicated his life to teaching the sport he loves in 1-on-1 Training and Small Groups Sessions.

After years of developing individual players, Christian has decided to make a bigger impact in American youth soccer by creating Elite Soccer PK; offering 1on1 Personal Training, Small ratio coach vs players Clinics, Summer camps, After School Programs, Team Practices, Birthday Parties and Special events where every player not only learns a European
philosophy of the game, but also learns how to be a creative individual within a team setting; learning a set of essential VALUES.

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